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7 Common Questions About Auto-dosing in Hydroponics

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Hydroponic production gives growers increased control over the way they cultivate their food or medicinal crops.

With practice, many hydroponic growers can fine-tune their growing environment to remove bottlenecks, minimize maintenance, and increase the quality of their produce. One way they do this is through automated nutrient dosing.

With “auto-dosing” hydroponic growers have the ability to provide the perfect amount of nutrients to their crops, while minimizing their time spent measuring and monitoring – something all commercial growers will gladly embrace.

But, the learning curve behind auto-dosing can be a bit overwhelming for the new (and even experienced) hydroponic grower.

In this post, we’re answering some of our most frequently asked questions about auto-dosing to help you decide if automated dosing might be a useful technique for you.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to operate an auto-doser?

No. The most technically demanding part of the process is creating the settings on your auto-dosing system. Most auto-dosing systems come with manuals that explain this in detail.

Can I trust a machine to feed my crops?

Many crop failures are based on human error and inconsistency. When water pH and EC levels fluctuate, you open up possibilities for health issues or, in more extreme cases, total crop loss.

In contrast, automated dosers provide stable environments for plant growth, doing what a machine is supposed to do: accurately measuring nutrients and pH and releasing precise amounts of nutrients or acid into your system.

I have a small small system. Should I consider an automated dosing system? It depends. Small systems can be just as hard (or harder!) to keep in balance as large systems. If you want to have a stable growing environment, and free up more of your time, then you might want to consider an auto-dose system. Be sure to weigh the benefit of healthy crops and saved labor against the cost of an auto-dosing system. How much time can I save? Most growers can save around 15-30 minutes a day by using an auto-dosing system. These are the routine tasks that your system requires like measuring pH, meas