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By Enza Zaden

  • First rate Enza Zaden lettuce variety

  • Grows all-year-round

  • Very strong resistance against tip burn

  • Grows very fast

  • High leaf uniformity, high yield

  • Very high density, suitable for direct sowing

  • Ideal for fine dining restaurants due to its decorative properties

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The Skilton Eazyleaf Variety
by Enza Zaden


What is Skilton Eazyleaf?

Skilton is an easy to cultivate, fast growing lettuce variety. It grows with spike liked leaves, grows upright, leaves are pliable, and the variety is very strong against tipburn. It has high uniformity, solid well-cut sheet and high yield.

What makes it special?

Skilton has very good suitability for high density direct sowing with subsequent machine harvesting of the leaves.Skilton Eazyleaf is a premiere variety of lettuce from Enza Zaden. Skilton has an excellent head shape, grows with high uniformity, and yields above average in weight and in size. The Skilton variety grows all year round and is perfect to be raised in open field, greenhouse, including hydroponics

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Pelletized Seeds

Pre-germinated. Less waste from purchase of unneeded seeds.


Tasty and Nutricious Leaves

Suitable for whole head and single leaf production. Strong resistance against tip burn 


High Uniformity

 In just one slice, the plant splits into many small leaves of equal sizes.


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