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Grow Like a Pro!!!
Professional Grade for Home and Commercial Growing

Manufactured from the highest quality technical grade materials, our water-soluble and control-release fertilizers provide the highest level of balanced nutrition for your crops without breaking your wallet.

Ideal for:

Open field application 



Drip fertigation

Foliar application

NutriHydro CFF

Soil Medium

Foliar Application


NutriHydro is known for growing the biggest and healthiest lettuces all over the country. NutriHydro CFF Lettuce is best used with a huge variety of lettuce crops in hydroponics, greenhouses, drip fertigation, foliar spray, and open field application.

The secret to NutriHydro’s unequalled performance is the use of very high-quality components and a formula blended by professional chemists and chemical engineers. NutriHydro’s Commercial Farm Formula has set very high standards to protect the growers who handle nutrients and the people who consume crops.

For best result, use along with NutriHydro’s CFF Companion Nutrients (calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate). Using other brands may lead to precipitation or the very least, cloudy appearance.
NutriHydro CFF Dry Formula is a very potent formula. Use a TDS meter to dial-in the required TDS of your lettuce crops. The usual TDS requirement is between 550 ppm to 850 ppm.


Be very careful when modifying the dilution instruction. Should you decide to use more than 850 ppm, be sure to trial a small batch before using on your entire system.

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250 Grams

  • NPK

  • Magnesium Sulfate

  • Calcium Nitrate

Php 305

1 Kilogram

  • NPK

  • Magnesium Sulfate

  • Calcium Nitrate

Php 810

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