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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Matters to us.

Just like you, we care about the use of my personal information online, so it is only fair we provide you with insight into the privacy practices employed here at The Greenery.


Please read the entire policy to make sure you understand our practices fully.

A. What Personal Data Do We Collect From You?

Personal data is information that can be used to identify you such as your name, IP address, and email address.




We process personal data from you in a number of ways including:

(1.) Opt-In To Email newsletter. Your name and address.

(2.) Waiting List: Your name, phone no. and address.

(3.) Transaction: Your name, email address, billing information, and payment source.

(4.) Submitting Questions: Your name, email address, and question.

(5.) Join our community: Your name, phone no. and email address.

(6.) Hydroponics tips: Your name and email address.

B. What Is The Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data?

We collect the information above for the following purposes.

(1.) Opt-In To Email Newsletter: To provide you with information on the course in question and the topic in general.

(2.) Waiting List: To let you know when a product or service will be available.

(3.) Transaction: To process a purchase you make with us.

(4.) Submitting Questions: To answer questions you might have for us.

(5.) Join our community: To send you messages regarding the latest and the greatest.

(6.) Hydroponics tips: To send you the information you are interested in.

We process and access your data as described above through the help of third parties that have the digital infrastructure that we do not and without whom we would be unable to provide our products and services including:

  • Financial transaction processors (processing your payments)

  • Customer service communication platform

  • Contest and survey platform

  • Email communication manager

  • Marketing funnel providers

  • Website management services

  • Website design and programming services

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