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Specific Crop - Specific Nutrient Solution 

Commercial farm formula for hydroponics, fertilised irrigation, sprinklers, foliar application, greenhouse and open field.



Formulated with nutrients that target the growth of roots and stems. When using NutriHydro Lettuce nutrient solution, the crop in its first 2 weeks will focus its energy in growing its roots and stems. Once the roots and stems are established, leaf growth follows. Leaves that will follow after are huge, lush, and healthy, perfect for your own consumption or for commercial sale.

Lettuce nutrient solution

Leafy Greens

NutriHydro leafy greens formula is a 3-part dry solution mixed in farm nutrient tanks. It is intended for swift plant uptake through hydroponics, watering on soil, drip method, or foliar spray.It is very important to use the NutriHydro CFF Macronutrient Pack together with NutriHydro's CFF Companion Nutrients (calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate).

At Work on the Farm
Leafy greens fertilizer

Fruit Bearing

NutriHydro Fruit Bearing (CFF) Commercial Farm Formula is a 3 part dry solution mixed in farm nutrient tanks or pre-mixed and water over soil. NutriHydro CFF is intended for swift plant uptake through hydroponics, aeroponics, watering on soil, drip irrigation, fertigation, or foliar spray. 

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A potassium and phosphate enriched nutrient specifically designed for use with melons and family of fruits. The correct amount of nitrogen at the early stage will ensure the growth of the crops and increased quantity of phosphorus and potassium at a later stage ensure rich root growth followed by flowering and eventual fruiting. It is composed of macronutrients, micronutrients, and trace elements including very high-quality chelated iron.