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Grow Like a Pro

Made from the highest quality technical grade materials, our water-soluble nutrient solution concentrate provides the highest level of balanced nutrition for your crops.

Nutriplus Plant Nutrient

Widely used and accepted by
pro-growers all over the country.

Nutriplus Plant Nutrient

Innovation-driven Plant Nutsol

Our water-soluble nutrient solution contains chelated micronutrients for the most effective delivery of nutrients to your plants, blended in highly environmentally controlled blending rooms to minimize cross-contamination and exposure to the elements.

Professional Grade for Home and Commercial Growing

NutriPlus is known to be taken up relatively faster and more efficient compared to other nutrient solution in the Philippine market. Fortified with Iron chelate to support rapid growth,  dense stems, healthier leaves, grows big and fast, and in instances as much as 200% faster than regularly grown potted plants.

Compatible With All Grow Mediums

Excellent for all mediums, Rockwool, Oasis Cubes, Hydroton, Sands, Cocopeats.

For Hydroponics and Soil Medium

Yes, it can be used as a boost liquid fertilizer to soil based lettuce farms and all normal garden plants

How to dilute:


480 - 500 PPM

Solution A: 2 ml
Solution B: 2 ml
Dilution Base: 2 Liters

540 - 560 PPM

Solution A: 2 ml
Solution B: 2 ml
Dilution Base: 1.5 Liters

840 - 860 ppm

Solution A: 2 ml
Solution B: 2 ml
Dilution Base: 1.1 Liters

930 - 950 PPM

Solution A: 2 ml
Solution B: 2 ml
Dilution Base: 750 ml

What our Growers Say

Hydroponics grower

Nathan Miguel

 NutriPlus is the best plant nutsol I've tried so far.
I've Never seen Estrossa this big, heavy, and healthy

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Useful Tips

Always use TDS Meters

For users who want to ensure maximum yield from lettuce crops, it is recommended to use a TDS meter. TDS is short for Total Dissolved Sediments Meter. It is used as it is called, to measure total dissolved sediments in water. Doing so gives you a guide n how much nutrient solution is in the water. It is recommended that you use a TDS meter so you can measure objectively and eliminate guess work.

Always use pH Testers

It is a must to use a PH meter. Lettuce needs water with NutriHydro Letttuce Formula to read between 5.5pH to 6pH. Going below 5.5pH will lead to macronutrient deficiency (NPK deficiency) and stunted growth. Going beyond 6pH will lead to micronutrient deficiency (trace element deficiency) which leads to burnt tips and causing the crop to turn yellow and lose its health. As it is so said in hydroponics, “pH is the key”. Once you have tested your pH, you will need NutriHydro pH Adjuster to dial down your pH to the correct range.

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